Battery Storage

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Electrical Compliance Ltd are able to install sonnen Batteries.


The sonnenBatterie is not only a simple battery, it is a market leader in the residential storage industry. It is an intelligent system that automatically adjusts to your personal energy consumption. The combination of solar panels and the sonnenBatterie you are able to supply yourself with clean energy round the clock.

sonnenBatterie has a 10-year warranty – 10,000 charging-cycles – with a designed life cycle of 20 years. The batteries are one of the safest on the market using only Lithium-Iron-Phosphate batteries containing no trace of cobalt.

With its modular design the sonnenBatterie is scalable in 2.5kWh increments from 2.5kWh up to 45kWh to meet your future household demand. The flexibility offers you a piece of mind when making the purchase knowing that when your energy demand changes, the sonnenBatterie can adapt.

Key features at a glance

· AC and DC coupled sonnenBatteries

· No effect on your FIT payments

· Modular system – expandable in steps of 2.5kWh

· 10-year warranta – 10,000 charge cycle – with a designed service life of 20 years

· Off-peak charging from the grid to avoid higher tariffs

· Real-time data that can be followed in the sonnen app or portal

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