Renewable Technologies 

Solar Photovoltaic (PV)

Electrical Compliance Ltd can  design and install solar photovoltaic systems, enough to power 400 homes for a year. These solar systems can benefited householders, local councils, communities and commercial projects throughout the UK,


Working with third parties for numerous years installing renewable technologies we will find the best solution for your situation, ensuring that the planning and installation is performed to the highest of standards including;

  • Clear illustration of the system performance and costs.

  • Reassurance that we use quality products such as SMA/Solaredge/Enphase

  • REAL consumer code assuring quality customer service.

  • Real passion & enthusiasm for renewables.

  • Professional and tidy installations.

Solar PV for business

Commercial solar PV will benefit any business; reducing your electricity costs, protecting against ever-increasing utility prices, providing a good return on your investment and more whilst generating your own electricity will show your business is considerate towards the environment. Electrical Compliance Ltd are understanding of commercial requirements and projects are carefully managed and tailored to your business to ensure a smooth transition through planning, installation and after care with as little disruption as possible.

How it works

PV generates electricity by converting the sun’s energy into electrical charges through the cells in the solar pv panels. These charges are conducted as direct current (DC) and inverted to an alternating current (AC), supplying you with power from a clean, good value and reliable source. This electricity is fed straight into the power supply of the property, reducing your electricity bills as the energy generated by the PV system is consumed before drawing it from your electricity provider. Any excess is then automatically exported back to the grid.

Battery Storage 

A battery storage power plant is a form of storagepower plant, which uses batteries on an electrochemical basis for energy storage. ... Battery storage power plants, like all storage power plants, primarily serve to cover peak load and in networks with insufficient control power and the grid stabilization

Solar Immersion Controllers 

Solar Immersion controllers work by detecting if any access power produced by your solar system is being exported to the grid. The exported power is sent to your immersion tank instead, heating your water  - feed in tariffs remain unaffected